Sales Assistance


Altro is here to address your brand and generic drug management needs for successful distribution in the U.S. market. Our team has extensive knowledge of the generic and branded pharmaceutical industry. We maintain relationships with all major customers including chains, wholesaler and mail order in addition to our vast associations with a wide variety of generic manufacturers and API suppliers. We are here to help you develop the tools you need to grow your business. We will utilize our expertise to bring you clear, powerful, and motivating sales solutions increasing market share and profitability. Your Sales Team is your company’s most valuable promotional resource. Our approach is a blending of measurable and extrinsic factors in order to get the most substantial effectiveness out of your Sales Team.

Sales Research and Approach Breakdown


In order to successfully launch and sell your products you must:

  • have a full understanding of the environments in which your products are going to be sold

  • overcome the complexities of these selling environments

  • ascertain the best sales force approach

  • produce the most definitive marketing materials

  • prepare the ideal selling setup to provide training and support to sales team accordingly

  • put sales team into action

With Altro’s sales assistance your company is sure to receive the tools they need to become successfulin this competitive industry