Research & Development


Research and development is a crucial element to Altro. It is vital for the development of new and improved products and evolved design in an industry where new technology rises, competition comes and goes and customer preferences change constantly. Market research is carried out in order to establish what is needed to produce products that are known to sell. All options are weighed and a strategy is then developed so that production processes are as efficient and cost-effective as possible. This also makes products developmentally superior, possessing a substantial advantage in the market place. These advances in research and development ensure the company's role in the industry and the possibility of long-term future endeavors.

Business Development


Business development is crucial to a company’s survival in an industry that is more competitive now than it has ever been. To make the right decisions at the right moments, you must be aware of the constantly evolving technology, competition and products out there in the market. You have to know when to grab on to the opportunities that make sense for your business and grab on quickly. Also knowing when to pass on an opportunity that will not serve your best interests is just as important. Altro Pharmaceuticals has a vast network of industry professionals at its disposal when necessary. With over 100 years of combined experience your business is sure to benefit from working with Altro.

Altro Pharmaceuticals provides clients with the industry knowledge they are lacking in today’s competitive environment. This helps lead to more productive business decisions for successful marketing and distribution of products in the pharmaceutical market.

Whether you need assistance developing a plan of action, determining partners, prioritizing potential customers, weighing opportunities or negotiating agreements, Altro is here to give you a better understanding of the industry and ensure your business’ survival.

Altro employs a group of experienced professionals in pharmaceutical business development.  As consultants and industry leaders, they’ve established, determined, and carried out a number of successful partnerships, assisted is product management, helped clients improve the way they run their business processes for pharmaceutical development, and helped executives take new direction toward strategies involving corporate development.